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Ukraine demonstrates to all progressive humanity the greatness of culture, democracy and freedom. Our courageous soldiers/defenders demonstrate professionalism and resilience in the face of an unjust act of war by Russia. Ukraine is fighting not just for its existence, but for the existence and prosperity of democracy in Europe.

The art of dance has no borders and does not need a translation. To help Ukraine and to preserve the traditions and achievements of its national choreographic art, we created the National Ukrainian Ballet. In the difficult conditions of the war, we, the people of the creative profession, will not stand aside, but instead join the struggle for Ukraine’s victory over the Russian invaders

Our program consists of ballet performances, Ukrainian traditional dances as well as modern dance performances centered on the contrast between the horrors of war and the beauty of Ukraine.

Grassroots discussions in support of Ukraine with the participation of famous world politicians and bright creative personalities will also be a part of the program. We are intensively preparing to organize our tour in Europe, the USA and Canada.

The goal of the National Ukrainian Ballet is to spread awareness about Ukraine, its beautiful dance traditions and to support our country of Ukraine.

We’re announcing that from July 1st, the National Ukrainian Ballet will start a world tour! These gala concerts will include ballet, contemporary dance shows, traditional Ukrainian dances and grassroots discussions about how to help Ukraine.


Sergii Shvets

Artistic director

Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine


Vitalii Luzan

Ballet director